Social Projects


Team Acqua is dedicated to many types of Social Projects, and as a collective believes that our connection to the community allows us a privilege that cannot be ignored. That is to our ability to reach so many people through our art and all that it connects.

The Daymaker Movement

What if you could change the world by making someone’s day? Team Acqua believes we have that very power at our fingertips everyday. An idea developed by fellow Aveda partner David Wagner, of Juut Salons in California and Minnesota, the movement is based on the idea that by noticing the people you encounter every day, making small gestures, and providing quality attention, you in turn make their day. Make them feel important, smart, beautiful or unique. It’s an idea we have adopted at Acqua, and it is as simple as being kind and truly caring about the answer to the age old question “How are you?” We can all be daymakers, and we hope to make yours.

The Parkinson’s Society

We have been involved, for over 10 years, and, for the last few years, have hosted, the Parkinson’s cut-a-thon. Every April we open our doors to many great supporters who come to have their haircut by one of our artists and other participating salons in the Guelph area, with all proceeds going to the Guelph chapter of the Parkinson’s Society. A very successful fundraiser that is dear to our hearts, and we enjoy very much.

The CIBC Run for the Cure

As Pina was inspired by her first Run for the Cure, the Acqua Team followed her lead and so began our involvement to raise funds for such a worthy cause. Through fundraisers, such as Hot Lips! Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye!, in September 2008 where we hosted an evening event with hair and make-up services, photo shoots, a kissing booth, a live DJ and a silent auction all held at NV lounge. Or October 2009 with our Wheel of Fortune, filled with salon prizes, 2 raffles and a successful gourmet cupcake sale, raising $2100. For years now we have been brainstorming on ways to contribute and we thoroughly enjoy taking part in the run, held in downtown Guelph every October.

Baby Domenic

One of our first and most amazing events was the fundraiser for Baby Domenic, a todd-ler diagnosed with a Cancerous Brain Tumor. Held in November 2005, the holidays were fast approaching, and we were inspired to help Domenic and his family in any way we could. In a short time we banded together with many helpful donations from local businesses and the community to throw an event at Apt. 58. A silent auction, roast porchetta and a dance contest with local celebrity judges, allowed us to raise $12,000 for Baby Domenic and his family. An event that will always be in our hearts.

Earth Month

Each year during the month of April, Aveda salon and spa professionals, employees and guests work together to raise funds for grassroots organizations that protect bio-diversity and address environmental issues around the world. The Earth Month cam-paign focuses on a specified environmental topic each year, helping to raise awareness around the issue, cultivate and educate supporters, and contribute funds to dedicated non-profit conservation organizations. In Canada, Aveda selects a Canadian Charity to benefit from the fundraising.


is a non-profit Canadian charity dedicated to ending poverty by helping the world’s poorest people gain access to clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education. Our contributions every year inspired us to take it to the next level and, in April 2008, we held our first fundraising event at NV Lounge, with great success. Featuring Team Acqua providing hair and makeup services, a fun and interactive photo shoot, a live DJ and draws, prizes and giveaways we were able to make a generous contribution. Our participation in the Earth Month fundraising has been very rewarding and will continue for years to come.

School to Career Co-op and OYAP programs

For many years now we have participated in the School to Career Co-op and OYAP Programs, accepting students from Guelph’s local highschools and introducing them to the world of Hairstyling and Salon atmosphere. The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) gives high school students a head start on their career in a skilled trade. When registered as an apprentice through a co-op program, you can acquire skills towards a post-secondary apprenticeship while earning credits towards your high school diploma. We have had many successful students pass through our doors and go on to careers in the hair and beauty industry and some hired on as successful Acqua team members.

Team Acqua is always supporting local groups and charitable organizations. We have also been involved with Women in Crisis, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many University of Guelph based fundraisers. We continually strive to set an example in the community with hard work and dedication to bettering our environment and contributing to those less fortunate.

Thank you to all our guests who support us in our many endeavours